Fo香港铜锣湾楼凤兼职od of thirteenth chapter turn over to the higher authorities

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Smell the aroma of cake, everybody cannot help hoping Xiang Yu shows a bit two people, the sound of deglutition saliva especially resonant. Hand of sky of except Yu Shan lost the appearance of bolide to psych out them before, be afraid somebody has now rush to grab feed.

The young team leader that is come out by everybody choose moved toward Yu Shan star, the Wei Liang that has sufferred training of lineal military affairs is having a pair of very intense sense of justice. Since oneself helped this group of people, become the person that they take the lead, so, the requirement of subordinate he thinks to ought to endeavor to do oneself.

Then, he plans to come out from food of the point in hand of these two girls. Although before the different ability that they show looks a lot of stronger than oneself. But, to live, perhaps can persuade them in order to try, their food cent comes out.

“You are good! I call Wei Liang, it is a soldier of team of national capital beefeater. It is a soldier of team of national capital beefeater..

The body that Wei Liang stands straight makes Guo Xiao Yue gently knitted next brows, had known he wants what to say it seems that.

Corners of the mouth becomes warped slightly, also do not plan to answer word, anyway the young team leader with this current team is Yu Shan star. Calculating what remain besides oneself in present maniple is two young child, but in the heart in Guo Xiao Yue, the position of this header is not Shan Xingmo to belong to.

A pair of issue does not close Xiao Yue seeing Guo personal appearance, yu Shan star secretly in turned over a supercilious look. She is not fool, maniple grows this moment to strike up a conversation, fool knows he wants what to say. This thing is Xiao Yue originally those who cause, take oneself meaning, rush out to look for the disposition that human place where troops are stationed just is her directly.

Guo Xiao Yue disregards the eyes that Shan Xing casts, the line of sight waves directly to the Su Rexuan beside.

Diminutive had eaten the cake in the hand very quickly, licking finger now, then small about says to many is have pity on many is have pity on. Month seeing dawn divided the cake in half hand to give small if high, small if a small room is very sensible,gave a little sister entirely, this circumstance makes the cake that Yu Shan star contains in the mouth gutty go down the feeling that go, if high,immediate a place of strategic importance gave.

By desolate Wei Liang have indeed in the heart some uncomfortable, him after all also is a different can person: “Two skill photograph helps thanks a lot, us this group of people already very long did not have a thing, I see a girl there still should be bit of food in knapsack, do not know to you can divide us? Do not know to you can divide us??

More than outfit showing a bit is foolish, busy draw out ear: “What? Do you say again? Do you say again??

Some feel Wei Liang not clear this girl is what meaning, repeat again then: “That… can you divide food to give us? “That… can you divide food to give us??

Yu Shan star is busy pull the Guo Xiao Yue before: “See not? I say to be not saved, you slant want to save, the family is not thankful not only, even the food that we surrender an in part. Even the food that we surrender an in part..

Xiao Yue seeing Guo is ad cool-headed a piece of spruce faces do not talk, shan Xing continues to look at Xiang Weiliang say: “Why do I want deal out your food? If we, a few is there now is the individual living? Hum! Divide you originally a bit food is it doesn’t matter, regrettablly your appetite is too big, want to distribute the food of our half? Had not arrived in the evening, began to daydream won’t do? Began to daydream won’t do??

Do not know why, heard the word of girl of this long hair, wei Liang feels to there is bit of foul smell on personal face oneself confused: “I know this request is a little beyond the mark, but you can arouse oneself latent capacity to make surprise can person, either should serve for people more? Everybody is people of an ancient name for China, should help each other. Should help each other..

“Is the look that sees you still done not have 30? Thought how so old eight -part essay, for people service? By what? ” Yu Shan star is enraged to laugh by Wei Liang’s word: “Besides, can we make surprise can person their what issue to involve? You see their present eyes, if not be I and my companion actual strength,do not lose, let them scruple somewhat, be afraid rushed early now? Be afraid rushed early n[……]

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The son of celestial being of t香港万花楼楼凤he 11st chapter

” cold Xue Zhi is loved ” childe asking feeling / , this chapter in all 2810 words, update at: 2014-09-24 11:00

Summertime day is burning hot, the person must let on the body that that intense light takes in the person like streaming with sweat, did not know take pity on! The cloud arrived the summer also is such, a light on thin reaching the sky also block does not live. There can be the presence of wind in this summer fortunately, wind brings a person a tiny bit of cool and refreshing, bring people the heart in elaborate, that because of the sun hot and dry also eliminated many.

Not bad this or morning, because,the sun is it seems that yesterday too those who pass is fatigue and had not appeared, on branch leaf, the dew that still remaining bit a little bit on the flower, the tear that resembling is canthus remain is same, summertime morning or belt are worn cool and refreshing, especially wind sadly and over- more cool extremely, different general afternoon that midday.

Cereal of cure celestial being, surround hill everywhere, have arboreous myriad more, it is dense fog everyday around, if not be the person inside cereal, be afraid in dense fog is the pace walks along 5 a unit of length to separate not clear stuff. The tree has a bird, the bird has 100 kinds it seems that, bleat sound is to be the same as more, hear sometimes Bei, be fond of sometimes, sometimes anger… there is strange Shi Baitai more on hill, each form nots comply.

The cereal of cure celestial being of summertime morning, twitter is euphonic, nose Wen Huaxiang. The Liu Yihan over bamboo bed crosses purloin however in wind quiet the flower is sweet put with had waked before bazoo, just feel that lark is euphonic sound is Orphean extremely, reason just shuts an eye to listen attentively to, be just as wind general! But child nature is mischievous not should tell the Liu Yihan that has age of 8 years old of child child only then more, see land recalls aba of white of cold a suit and body only, the hair grows already with the shoulder do not plunge into, between with hair dishevelled small look nominal have so a slovenly, double sleeve is more such, tattered had not seen instinctive quality, the long long bang of forehead is a bit inclined reason block different key point. If that monkey jumps down bamboo bed commonly,Liu Yihan is, double eye also does not have the careful Zhu Wu that watched this oneself to wait for a few days after go to the fields, however both hands has some of too impatient to wait pushed bamboo door, if Ma Er is general!

Liu Yihan is binocular shake one’s head look up 4 view, the ground that this small Zhu Wu is connecting him foot to fall and surrounding by river water, if do not have a boat not to know how to go out at all, also do not know how oneself come in! Below nose fine Wen Zhi, discover a light flower is sweet, the flower is sweet what carry the remain in that night on the back it seems that is roric and give oppressive like, fragrance is done not have so thick, light if added one spoon candy general! Liu Yihan foot walks along discovery along with the eye ‘ the restful village photograph that this lives before like that oneself is compared as elfland general,

Cannot help starting to talk in Liu Yihan mouth mutter, path: ?

bird recalls cold mouth to talk as land and crow one, sound passes into Liu Yihan’s ear, does Liu Yihan laugh at: ? Does bully Fu blow modular knock Kang to steal herd of archives of Liao  appropriate to play handsome do not uncover creek  to fry  to long for fact of the Song Dynasty of whistle of gull of spoon of ⑿ π act to break through apology of excessive of  extensive  swell battle wash fetterses Jie Bang of temple of agitate of Huang Qiao  of dispatch of where Xi  ?

Liu Yihan listens, the yock rises, path: ? Bully Fu plays act of trade of  of  of fluorene of modular knock destroy dust hole mark of Jin of dark bursa of pray of appropriate of  of  of Pie of Yang Ling quiet handsome my sail  of new Jie Bang does father force command is foolish ぞ of raw meat or fish of  of  of  of Xi of where of mace of Yu of  of Γ of Song of the α in flinching. ?

“How… if understand you not, how can witting the meaning of your word? ” the carry secretly in the word is worn the smile of a few,

Talking sound is sent rear from Liu Yihan, liu Yihan of one mind can understand the bird that he talks to go up personally in that, abrupt someone says rear in oneself, heart one Jing at once face about goes, double eye so the one view of the intention, see a suit of dress of body of that backside talker is fiery only extremely big gown, big gown as the summer sadly wind and wave, of the aureate blaze beauty of that embroider on big gown extremely when big gown is waved as flaming true fire i[……]

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